Jesslyn McCutcheon is a Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter/speaker from King, NC. Jesslyn released her first studio solo album project November 2019,'On The Edge.' Jesslyn started writing at the age of 23 after she was home bound for two years due to severe depression. At the age of 26, Jesslyn was diagnosed with having bipolar disorder which she refused to accept at the time.  Jesslyn is no longer afraid of who she is or what she has to face having this illness. She hopes that her music will help inspire others who walk through the darkness at times in their life and come out on the other side. Jesslyn has been a Christian since the age of 6 but her faith was shattered when going through her early 20's and having to face all that she did. She struggled for many years with unspeakable pain and wondered where God was during all of this? Could He even hear her? Jesslyn wants the world to know that it is only because of God she is where she is today and her music and her voice will express just that. It took Jesslyn awhile to finally find her place in this world but she is on a mission that nothing can stop her now from sharing her story and the message of how good God is. Jesslyn's second project 'RUN' released February 5, 2021.

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Jesslyn's second project, a 5 song EP 'RUN' was released February, 5,2021. 'RUN' was a project Jesslyn started writing in 2020 after she had her second cervical anterior neck surgery and was in recovery for a good 3 months after the surgery. About 2 years ago Jesslyn's life changed drastically after she had a relapse in her mental health. 2019 was a difficult year, a difficult season but it also gave her what she needed to face her fears straight on and start sharing with others how God changed her heart and her direction in life. This project talks about the unconditional love that Jesus has for all of us. Fact, "I can't do and accomplish anything without Christ." Fact, "When I start my day every day with Christ, I am a better person." Fact,"If you take yourself out of the equation and put Jesus first, watch how your life can be changed." For the rest of her days on this earth she plans to 'RUN' into the arms of Jesus. She hopes her music and her story will encourage you to do the same.

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