1. Empty Emily

From the recording On The Edge

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She's been saved
Since the young age of 6
Amazing Grace played
Boy she won't forget
She was young
But in her heart believed
She found God
And He was all she'd need

Out of the blue
Suddenly at 23
She was lost, sick
Her life had changed dramatically
Her faith was gone
Her reflection she could not see
The girl she once was
The girl she used to be

Empty Emily
Nothing left inside
Empty Emily
All she did was cry
Blinded by the love
He so freely gave that day
Empty Emily
Lives far away

One would think
By the age of 25
This girl would be tired
Of riding that same old ride
No one knows how
Stubborn is she
The mask she wore to
Keep her dignity

No one knows this
World she lives in alone
Emily seems to
Call this world her home
It's where she feels safe
So that's where she wants to stay
There she goes now running away


It took so long to see
In the two years lost
All Emily had to do
Was look towards the cross


Empty Emily
Run now Emily
She's empty Emily